Teaching in New Zealand

Te Whakaako i Aotearoa

Moving to New Zealand

If you are a primary or secondary school teacher looking for a teaching job in New Zealand, then Oasis may be able to assist. Teaching as a profession has been removed from the priority skills category (as listed by the New Zealand Immigration service) meaning it will be more difficult for New Zealand schools to employ overseas trained teachers who do not have permanent residence or work visas; however, if you are a primary teacher or a secondary teacher of a shortage subject such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) then our schools may be able to offer employment which will in turn make obtaining a work visa a more realistic proposition.  Teachers trained in the English language and experienced in the education cultures of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the USA tend to be sought after by NZ schools so please forward us your CV (resume) if you are interested in moving to New Zealand and are from one of these countries or from a similar educational setting.

Oasis Education works with hundreds of New Zealand Schools and our in-depth knowledge of the local system means we can help you find a job. Our team of consultants provide position descriptions when vacancies arise and we match your skills, training and experience to the right post and location. Sometimes teachers send their CVs directly to schools for consideration – a strategy that risks you becoming ‘just another CV on the pile’. By using our free service you access our established links with schools and their principals.

Oasis Education can open the door to opportunities that you may not be aware of. Schools know Oasis and our reputation enhances your chance of settling into a satisfying teaching position.

*Please note that all Primary and Secondary vacancies in state schools (unless specifically stated) are covered by the conditions of the Secondary teachers and Primary teachers collective agreements.


Henry’s story

“In July 2018 I decide that I would like a new challenge and to teach in New Zealand. With 14 years teaching experience in geography and business studies I thought that the process would be relatively easy to secure a new teaching position. I applied for 12 potential roles and was not shortlisted for anyone of the positions. I contacted a few schools to gain some feedback on my applications to try and understand why I was struggling to be shortlisted. There responses were the same across the board: All teachers applying to new roles need to gain teacher registration status first and you should also gain the assistance of an educational recruiter. An old work colleague of mine, who had moved to NZ two years earlier, highly recommended Martin Strang from Oasis Education. I cannot sing Martin’s praises enough. His expert knowledge of the application process and his connections within the Auckland area opened the doors to a number of opportunities. Within a month I had secured a new role as the Head of Tourism. His support and guidance did not end there as a number of hurdles still had to be overcome such as visa applications. Martin has always been on hand to answer any questions that arose at anytime. I cannot recommend Oasis Education enough in particular Martin Strang. Six weeks into our move to New Zealand and the entire family is loving the new experience and we are so happy we decided to take the plunge!!”
Henry Gatland  –  UK Teacher


Our difference

We, at Oasis Education take pride in, and are fully committed to providing the best possible service, support and follow up to schools and teachers. In all our dealings with the education community in New Zealand and internationally we are motivated by a clear vision: to contribute to the future of education.

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