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What does it mean to be a teacher in Aotearoa New Zealand?
How much does a teacher in NZ earn?

 All teachers workiing in State and Integrated schools in New Zealand, are paid by the Ministry of Education.  They set the payscale based on your qualifications and experience and overseas teaching prior to coming to NZ  is usually recognised for salary purposes (although this needs to be documented and certified via Ministry of Education prescribed, Statements of Service).


What do I need to do, to be able to teach in NZ?


It is best to advise from the outset that a commitment in time and effort as well as some costs are involved in getting registered to teach in NZ so you need to get onto this quickly. Some initial basic information is as follows:

1. Getting Registered: please note that, while there is no cost to you for working with Oasis, there are fixed costs involved in getting registered to teach in NZ. Concerning qualification assessment and professional registration all people who teach in New Zealand need to have a New Zealand practising certificate and the most important first step is to visit the NZQA website to determine whether your qualifications are pre-approved or not and whether you need to have your qualifications assessed (IQA) relative to the NZ teaching standard and then to get the application for NZ teachers registration lodged. NZQA 

Standard application costs (approx) $750 NZ unless you have a ‘pre-approved’ qualification.  (check the pre-approved list first).

For Teacher Registration: (approx) cost $300 NZD. Teaching Council of Aotearoa NZ – Registration.

2. Getting a work visa: for those teachers 30 years and under (from eligible countries) the option of a *working holiday visa* allows you to work for 12 months, so if you arrive in NZ with a work visa and provisional NZ teacher registration we would be happy to meet you to discuss employment options. If you are over 30, application for residency via the *Skilled Migrant Category* (a permanent post is an essential condition) is  achievable especially if you have the subjects and experience NZ schools are looking for.  NZ Immigration – Visas.

*Essential Skills Work visas* Are an excellent option if you are not ready (or not eligible) to apply for a residency visa. If a school wants to appoint an overseas trained teacher they will need to be able to prove that there are no NZ based teachers available (i.e. with registration and work eligibility) that can perform that role. A significant current teacher shortage means that meeting the criteria to secure the Essential Skills work visa via a formal job offer is relatively straight froward.

*3 Statements of Service. To apply to have your previous teaching experience recognised for salary setting by the NZ Ministry of Education payroll arm (Novopay) you should obtain formal statements of service from your previous or current employers: the format for an SOS can be found on the Novo7t form or feel free to ask for assistance from the Oasis team.

*4. The next step: if you can register with us and forward a CV, photo (if possible) and generic cover letter, that will be fantastic. The information we need in your cover letter should detail your personal situation; ie single, married, dependents etc, the type of job you would like, potential arrival dates and any further miscellaneous information that may be useful to Oasis or to a client school that wishes to consider your application.

What does teaching look like in Aotearoa New Zealand?
Cost of living & other helpful information
  • The Trade Me website is our ‘go to’ for Car purchasing, Flatmates, house rentals etc.
  • In order to work in NZ you will need to apply for a NZ Tax number via the Inland Revenue Department – IRD
  • Kiwisaver is the NZ government state pension scheme which is currently non-compulsory. Only residents or NZ citizens are eligible to join this programme.
Do I need a visa?

If you are not the holder of New Zealand or Australian passports or residency, then yes, you will need a work visa.  We can talk to you about the most suitable visa you may be eligible for.





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